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All About Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems could be simply defined as a multi-line phone system that's frequently used by business owners for its needs in communication. These types of phone systems can be anything from small key systems, PBX or Private Branch Exchange and so on. Some of the unique features that come on these phone systems is the fact you could link them to your fax machines, phones or even computers on one integrated package.


All of these systems begin with basic ability to send and to receive local as well as long distance calls in any part of the world. The standard features of yeastar u500 phone systems also consist of remote access, call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID.


Maybe, the auto-attendant is one of the most appealing and attractive feature available in such system. In this feature, when the customer calls, they will hear an automated menu option. This may include series of instructions to press a certain number and reach the department. The menus can be automatically configured after the regular hours and on weekends. Auto attendant feature even makes a small business to be visualized as a big corporation by their callers.


In an effort to steer clear of having clients who feel uneasy while putting them on-hold, there are several business telephone systems that included music on their hold feature. For systems that are more complex and sophisticated, it even enables different kinds of music to be programmed for different customers. Modern and advanced telephone systems have superb features. The system is capable of providing unlimited extensions and each of these extensions have messages that is made by the employee in case that no one is there to answer the phone. If you want to read more about telephone system, you can go to


In addition to that, there are means of identifying callers by using Caller IDs, forward the calls when employee is in another department, redirect calls when the employee isn't in the office or even save messages through voicemail.


In the type of world we live in today, we could not deny the fact that there is a tough and fierce competition among businesses regardless of their size. There are plenty of ippbx system systems available and each offers array of features that are perfectly suited for the business' requirements of today. There are also significant advancements that took place in business telephone systems and some of these are the Hosted PBX, online fax services, VOIP or known as Voice Over Internet Protocol and many more!